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We keep an extensive database of potential buyers. Please complete our buyer profile if interested in being contacted regarding businesses for sale.

Are you interested in one of our listings? Or will you be interested in a business acquisition at a later time? If so, contact us either by phone or e-mail. We keep an extensive database of potential buyers. At no charge o you, you may complete a buyer profile to tell us what type of business you are interested in, your geographic limitations and your approximate net worth. We will contact you when a business matching your criteria comes our way. You may ask to be removed from our database at anytime. The buyer profile does not obligate you o us in any way.

We represent sellers in business transactions so your inquiry is at no charge to you. However, we do ask that you complete a Confidentiality Agreement with us. The Confidentiality Agreement prevents the disclosure of information about the business that could become harmful to the current owner. After the Confidentiality Agreement has been signed, we will disclose detailed information about the business with you and schedule a showing of the business at your convenience.

If we found the right buyer for you and you wish to proceed with the sale, we will produce a bridge contract with the buyer. The bridge contract is an agreement between seller and buyer stating that their offer will take precedence over any other and is the precursor of the final agreement jointly produced by the attorneys for both parties.

After the signing of the bridge contract, the sale goes into the hands of attorneys and bankers. Our job will become that of an expediter until we sit at the settlement table. We will ensure that all the players (accountants, lawyers etc.) are communicating with one another and that the sale proceeds in a timely manner.

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