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Here at DYH Business Brokers we arrange mergers and acquisitions of businesses. Our chief service is helping you turn the years of hard work that you put into building your company into the funds that will help you enjoy your retirement, or helping you invest into a new adventure. Prospective buyers can feel free to contact us, as we never charge for inquiries. We have a database of potential buyers and when we will contact you when we encounter businesses fitting your criteria.

Mergers and acquisitions are all about the terms. Do you want a cash buyout, or would you like an agreement that sets up long-term payments? Do you want to hand off your company, or stay on and just take a less stressful role? We work with sellers to get you exactly what you want. And we specialize in what may be the most overlooked aspect of selling a business, the "4 harms" of business sales: customers, competitors, vendors, and employees.

We offer free valuations of businesses, in fact, all of our work is free until the day we sell your business. Our commissions are straight-forward: 10% of the first 50,000 of the transaction, 9% of the second 50,000, 8% of the third, 7% of the fourth, 6% of the fifth, 5% of the next and 4% of all the following 50,000 until 2 million.

Every client and every deal is different, and we personalize every transaction. We know that a good deal is based on creating a relationship between the seller and the buyer. That isn't done with numbers and dollar signs. This is what we have learned in our 33 years of being in business, and this is what we offer to you.

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